Our wedding gift list

Our biggest wish is, of course, to have you there to share our wedding memories - we particularly appreciate the effort that some people are making to travel abroad. However, if you would like to give us a gift, as keen travellers and outdoor enthusiasts we would like to have a complete collection of 1:50k maps covering Great Britain and the Czech Republic as of the time of our wedding.

We would like this to be quite personal and double up to remind us of the people who helped to make it a special event, so would love it if you could accompany your chosen map(s) with (on an A4 page) a description or pictures of somewhere on it. Why this map? What are the special places we should visit? Are there any exciting stories about the places on the map? That sort of stuff!

If you follow this link you will get to the wedding list database that should ensure that we don't get ten copies of Landranger 90 (Lake District) and no copies of Landranger 93 (Middlesbrough)! First you will need to sign up, then you can log in with the password that will be emailed to you and will see the list of maps. The icons on the right hand side enable you to first reserve a map, then subsequently to mark it as purchased (both can be undone if you make a mistake).

In case of any problems with the map list, please email us and we can resolve them for you.